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My Date with Doc by SarahMiele My Date with Doc :iconsarahmiele:SarahMiele 3 0 Never Mention My Mother by SarahMiele
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My Date with Doc
Springfield, MA 2015 Car Show on the Quadrangle. This is not my car, but I wish it was. I asked the staff if Doc could drive me home, but they wouldn't let him leave the lot.

This is when you say to yourself you're a grown person- but just a few more seconds! . . . Few more.

Few more.

The little girl broke away from her mother's hand. As they had been walking through the park the little girl had noticed a man- tall and lanky with dark hair and round spectacles. It was him! She ran, charting a course over the lawn.

The man turned away from his calculator as he heard hurried little footsteps approaching. He saw the girl just as she flew into him, almost knocking him over, her arms locked around his waist.

The man was taken aback. Why was this little girl hugging him? They were beginning to draw attention. What was he supposed to do? He stooped a little, trying to loosen her grip as he lowered, but as soon as he pried her arms from his side, they were around his neck. He gulped as she squeezed, pressing her cheek up against his.

"It's really you! It's really you!" The little girl exclaimed, her voice muffled against his collar. Then her voice lowered in sincere.

"Thank you Mr. Ghostbuster for saving me."

Suddenly it dawned on him. This was the little girl whom he saved from the clutches of a monster over a year ago. How she'd grown! She was so tiny then. She was badly injured, and had been rushed to the hospital. She surely would have died had it not been for him.

"Thank you." She said again, nose sniffling and tears trickling.

The surprise gradually stole away from his face, and his rigidness slowly began to melt away as he cradled her in his arms . . .

and smiled.

Never Mention My Mother
Not really sure if this constitutes as mature content but, eh.

I decided to push the graphic novel look a bit more, and include multiple panels and speech bubbles. I had done a few quick sketches over the past months and I was looking at them and was like, hey, one, two, three- these would fit pretty well as a sequence. I just had to FINISH it- as time goes on I feel my attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

Clearly, Egon could take Peck out any day, and in another panel maybe ;) But he's caught off guard. Lately I've been questioning finished pieces. I was delaying, thinking I could do so much more with this one and maybe squeeze in a panel between the first two, where Egon would start to get fired up, but ... 

And to all my viewers, if you have any ideas for scenarios, crossovers, etc... I'd love to hear them! I was thinking it'd be funny to start placing the Ghostbusters characters in other movies.

Walter Peck:
Hold it! I want this man arrested! Captain, these men are in criminal violation of the Environmental Protection Act! And this explosion is a direct result of it!

Dr. Egon Spengler:

Hello everyone!

Some of my artwork has been entered into the t-shirt contest for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!…

The designs are "One with the Whales", " Back to Life," and "Starry Portrait."

Please rate them!
Need some non- biased feedback and rating LOL :) Competition's going to be crazy!

Thank you!!



Artist | Traditional Art
United States


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SarahMiele Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017   Traditional Artist
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